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Get Small Caps news in Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Dec 9th 2021

With Sharesight, investors can get Small Caps news directly in their portfolio for ASX-listed stocks. This convenient access to the Small Caps news feed helps Sharesight users become more informed investors while making it easier to decide whether to buy, hold or sell stocks. To find out how you can view the Small Caps news feed on your stocks, keep reading.

Get Small Caps news in Sharesight

What is Small Caps?

Small Caps is a leading source of news on ASX-listed small cap and micro cap companies. The publication covers all sectors of the market, including mining, resources, biotech, pharmaceutical, technology, oil and gas, juniors and companies looking to list on the stock exchange. Small Caps also provides a range of research tools for investors, including market data, an IPO tracker and lists of the top-performing stocks.

How to access Small Caps news in Sharesight

Sharesight users can view Small Caps news for ASX stocks in their portfolio by clicking into the individual holding and scrolling down to the news section, which contains short excerpts for each news story. Users can also access this feature for stocks they search in the Share Checker. Clicking the links in the news feed will open a new tab with full coverage on the Small Caps website.

Small Caps RSS example

Sharesight users can view the news feed for a stock by clicking into the individual holding and scrolling down to the news section.

Get news for your stocks in Sharesight

ASX investors interested in the latest news for their stocks will also benefit from access to news feeds from our other partners, including Livewire, Firstlinks and ausbiz. Sharesight also supports news from The Motley Fool UK for stocks on the LSE.

RSS feed example Sharesight An example of an ASX stock with the latest news from ausbiz, Livewire and Firstlinks.

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