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Sharesight Stockfox
Product features

Get share market advice by connecting Sharesight to Stockfox

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 21st 2021

By connecting Sharesight and Stockfox, investors can leverage investment advice and stock analysis capabilities of Stockfox with Sharesight’s reporting tools.

Sharesight ausbiz panel (1)

Sharesight talks SMSFs and tech tips at ausbiz panel

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 21st 2021

At an ausbiz panel for DIY investors, Sharesight CEO Doug Morris explored the benefits of harnessing technology to manage your SMSF.

Track your TFSA with Sharesight
Product features

Track your TFSA with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 18th 2021

Canadian investors can easily track their Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) in Sharesight, in addition to their non-registered, RRSP, and RRIF accounts.

AUNZ managed funds (1)
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Track over 12,000 AU/NZ managed funds with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 14th 2021

With Sharesight, investors can track the price and performance of over 12,000 Australian managed funds and mFunds, plus more than 700 New Zealand funds.

Sharesight Diversiview
Product features

Diversiview by LENSELL integrates with Sharesight

by Dr Laura Rusu | Nov 11th 2021

Diversiview by LENSELL has integrated with Sharesight, allowing investors to analyse their portfolios' health, diversification and risk & return positions.

Sharesight Release Notes October 2021
Product updates

Sharesight release notes - October 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Nov 9th 2021

In October our new Multi-Period Report went live for Expert plan and Pro users. We also shipped a major update to our Interactive Brokers (IB) integration.

Mutual funds vs. ETFs Canada (2)
Investing tips

Mutual Funds vs. ETFs in Canada

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 9th 2021

In this blog we’ll explore how mutual funds and ETFs differ, and what you need to look out for if you’re a Canadian looking to invest.

4 ways to reduce your investment risk 3
Investing tips

4 ways to reduce your investment risk

by Bessie Hassan | Nov 8th 2021

If the thought of potentially losing the money you invest scares you (you’re not alone), don't reject investing entirely, here's how to reduce investment risks.

ProductRex Sharesight
Product features

Easily prepare SoAs by connecting Sharesight and ProductRex

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Nov 5th 2021

ProductRex has integrated with the Sharesight API, creating a solution that helps financial advisers make better decisions for their clients.

Q&A with Philippa O-Mara (1)

Q&A with Philippa O'Mara of Engine Room Chartered Accountants

by Angela Thompson | Oct 31st 2021

We asked Philippa O'Mara about her role at Engine Room Chartered Accountants, and how they use Sharesight to track their clients' investment portfolios.

Stock Transfer Agent USA
Investing tips

What is a stock transfer agent?

by David Olsen | Oct 29th 2021

A stock transfer agent acts as the official record keeper for publicly traded companies to track the individuals/entities that own stocks or bonds in a company.

Top20 NZX monthly October21
Market insights

Top 20 NZX trades by Sharesight users – October 2021

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Oct 28th 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 edition of Sharesight’s monthly NZX trading snapshot, where we look at the top 20 trades Sharesight users made on the NZX.