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Bank fees vs. IT spend (and the essence of fintech)

by Doug Morris | Aug 5th 2015

We compared our IT spend and our bank fees. The discrepancy really surprised us, and made us think about the essense of fintech.

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We're hiring!

by Angela Thompson | Jul 29th 2015

We know we have a great product. Now we need your help telling our story. Be our next Account Manager or Client Support Representative - get in touch today!

ATSA 2015 - featured
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See you at ATSA 2015

by Angela Thompson | Jul 28th 2015

We're pleased to announce our silver sponsorship and attendance at the Accountants Technology Showcase Australia (ATSA) conference, 12-13 October 2015.

Jim Morris @ The Chicago Board of Trade (featured)
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Fintech disruption: an oral history of the Chicago Board of Trade

by Doug Morris | Jul 15th 2015

Sharesight CEO Doug Morris interviews his father Jim Morris, an open outcry trader at the Chicago Board of Trade for 25 years.

Sharesight Canada - featured
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Announcing Sharesight Canada

by Doug Morris | Jul 8th 2015

Canadian DIY and professional investors can now sign up to Sharesight Canada to track their local and overseas investments in Canadian dollars.

Merge custom holdings - featured
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Merge custom holdings to listed securities

by Doug Morris | Jul 7th 2015

Learn how to merge manually created/maintained custom holdings into listed securities in Sharesight's investment tracking & reporting system.

FIF Report - Featured
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How to calculate your 2015 FIF income

by Angela Thompson | Jul 2nd 2015

Calculate your 2015 IRD FIF income with our comprehensive FIF report which automatically calculates your peak holding balance & FIF income.

Global - featured
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Sharesight goes global

by Doug Morris | Jun 29th 2015

Sharesight International allows investors to select their home currency, choose from approximately 200 global share markets and to pay in USD.

The Sunrise - featured
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Vivid Sydney, Collaboration in Fintech, The Sunrise

by Doug Morris | Jun 24th 2015

Our wrap-up of the Fintech talk at Vivid Sydney, the Collaboration in Fintech conference, and The Sunrise event hosted by Blackbird Ventures & Startmate.

mFund Roadshow - featured
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mFund from ASX Roadshow

by Doug Morris | Jun 18th 2015

Recently we were invited to present at a roadshow put on by the ASX focussing on mFund, a product that we believe will soon become an industry mainstay.

Laptop Global - featured

Global stock markets available on Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Jun 16th 2015

We're excited to announce that Sharesight now provides historical & daily prices, dividends, and corporate actions on approximately 200 global stock markets

Budget 2015 - featured
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Our take on the budget

by Doug Morris | May 28th 2015

The recently released Australian Budget was a win for small business and we think tech companies should be cautiously optimistic.

Doug & Scott - featured

Congratulations to Doug and Scott, Sharesight CEO & CTO

by Tony Ryburn | May 28th 2015

We're delighted to announce that Doug Morris has been promoted to Sharesight CEO, and co-founder Scott Ryburn is now CTO.

Date Range Selector (featured)
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Introducing better date range selectors

by Doug Morris | May 19th 2015

Small details can make all the difference. We think you'll agree when you see our new and improved date range selectors.

Fitbit - Featured
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Working on your core: Can specialist products survive?

by Doug Morris | May 15th 2015

In our latest thought leadership peice, we share our thoughts on specialist products Fitbit and GoPro, and how their fates could be quite different.

multiple contract notes - featured
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Introducing multiple contract note processing

by Doug Morris | May 13th 2015

Sharesight now supports bulk processing of multiple contract note/trade confirmation emails, making stock tracking and portfolio admin that much easier!

Xerocon Auckland Lulu & Vanessa - featured
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Xerocon Auckland 2015 wrap-up

by Angela Thompson | May 8th 2015

With over 1,000 accounting industry pros in attendance, Xerocon Auckland was the place to be for anyone interested in the future of cloud accounting.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)
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Introducing enhanced staff sharing permissions for Pro partners

by Doug Morris | May 8th 2015

The Staff Sharing Permissions feature now allows Sharesight Pro clients the ability to control whether staff have access to: all, some, or no portfolios.