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Sharesight release notes - February 2020

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Mar 10th 2020

During February we’ve been collaborating with our friends at Morningstar and Hatch on some exciting new Sharesight integrations, stay tuned for further announcements on these. Aside from this, here’s what rolled off the production line this month:

Sharesight release notes february 2020

New Functionality / Enhancements

Sharesight Usability

  • Improved tooltips on the Portfolio Overview table
  • Added a warning message when deleting a custom group
  • Added a ‘delisted’ badge to the Add Holding form indicating if an instrument was deleted based on the trade date entered

Broker Transaction Import

  • Improved the setup process for Interactive Brokers integrations to test/validate FTP credentials during setup
  • Improved the transaction logs for Interactive Brokers integration

Sharesight API

  • Updated the Trades API v3 endpoint with FX functionality.
  • Added an access level attribute to V3 list and show portfolios endpoint
  • Removed beta status from several API v3 endpoints as they are now considered stable