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Sharesight release notes - June 2020

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Jul 3rd 2020

This month the product team continued to enhance and rollout our new trade importer UI which makes it much easier to import trading data into Sharesight regardless of source. We are also taking an ‘API first’ approach to redesigning several core parts of our UI and plan to make these new API endpoints publicly available in our new V3 API in due course.

Sharesight release notes June 2020

New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Improved support for custom fixed interest holdings to offer greater flexibility to edit interest rate/payment information after creation

Sharesight Usability

  • Redesigned ‘My Details’ page
  • Redesigned the ‘Add a Trade’ form

Broker Transaction Import

  • Enhanced Saxo integration to include support for Block Trading accounts
  • Our generic CSV file import now uses our new and much improved UI (previously available only for specific Broker Imports)
  • Enhanced our ASB Securities importer to support accounts with 2FA enabled
  • Added support Charles Schwab One US trades transaction file

Sharesight API

  • Added additional caching to improve API response time for our new charts endpoints