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How one investor uses Sharesight to take control of her investments

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Apr 11th 2023

Part of our Sharesight customer experience series, this video features Mathilde K., an investor who has been tracking her portfolio with Sharesight since 2019.

When Mathilde and her husband launched their veterinary business and started managing their own money, they looked for a tool that would also allow them to take better control of their financial investments.

For Mathilde, Shareight does everything she needs to manage her portfolios and it does it automatically. All she needs to do is approve the dividends as they come through and check on reporting insights to see how things are tracking.

Mathilde finds Sharesight easy to use, and recommends Sharesight for anyone who is looking to keep track of what they’re doing with their investments – from new investors to day-traders.

Watch the video to discover Mathilde’s investing journey with Sharesight.

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