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How a Swiss accountant uses Sharesight Pro to track global portfolios

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jul 23rd 2021

We talk to Paul Kümin from HMT Partners about how the Swiss-based accounting consultancy uses Sharesight Pro to track clients’ international investment portfolios. We also discuss why the new Multi-Currency Valuation Report is so useful, and why Sharesight Pro is the best tool for clients with investments across different banks, markets and currencies.

HMT case study Sharesight

1. Tell us about HMT Partners and what you do there.

HMT Partners is a Swiss company that specialises in accounting, payroll administration, tax and consulting services for national and international customers. It is a small company owned by my partner, who does the account bookkeeping while I work more as a part-time consultant and specialist for accounting and consolidation projects.

2. What made you decide to use Sharesight Pro?

I had been using Sharesight for my private investments for about half a year when my partner got a new client with a huge investment portfolio. I think it’s running at CHF 32 million now, spread out over several banks – a big accounting challenge because everything would be in different currencies and for account/bookkeeping purposes in Switzerland you need to have everything in Swiss Francs. I told her I know this very neat web tool called Sharesight, which I’ve been using because I was so annoyed about spreadsheets and the inability to handle foreign exchange differences correctly.

Most of the tools or tutorials you find on the web are written or built by Americans and they don’t have that issue [of handling foreign exchange differences]. They think in US dollars, while Switzerland is very different because the share market is not that big here and everybody invests in foreign currencies.

In my private portfolios I had like 7, 8 or 9 different currencies. And I was so annoyed because I couldn’t see that – no spreadsheet ever gave me the information of how much money I was making or losing on the investment itself and what was the impact of the foreign exchange. Sharesight gives me that.

So since last summer, we’ve put everything our main client has in terms of portfolios onto Sharesight Pro and shared access with him. I think we have one or two smaller clients also going into Sharesight now, but it’s mainly one big client that is a very large engagement for us.

3. How does Sharesight Pro add value to your clients?

Sharesight Pro is clearly additional value for our bookkeeping service package. Sharesight is just about the only tool I know that gives us the ability to track historical Forex results on individual investments or whole portfolios. And out of that you get something that is very valuable to the client.

I think our main client used to have somebody in India who was tracking his investments, because we would get some questions like, "How did you come up with this profit and loss position in your profit and loss statement?" And we haven’t heard anything like that now for several months. So I think he saved some money elsewhere because he got the information for free from us.

4. Which features do you find the most useful?

Multi-Currency Valuation Report

The introduction of the Multi-Currency Valuation Report is excellent. This is really something we need because our main client thinks in US dollars but as his company’s in Switzerland we have to do our books in Swiss Francs. There are also several other clients, most of them Russian or from the Middle East, who think in US Dollars or Bitcoin. I have to be able to track everything in multiple currencies, so the Multi-Currency Valuation Report is just fantastic. I’m really quite excited at the speed you have in introducing new features, solving problems and answering questions.

Other reports

We also use the All Trades Report and the Performance Report regularly. We use these reports to reconcile our bookkeeping with Sharesight. At the end of every month, we get all the trading vouchers from all the portfolios and reconcile everything.

Consolidated Views

We use the Consolidated View because we run several different portfolios for every different bank just to make reconciliation easier. Our main client has six active banks right now but he’s not thinking in six banks – he wants to know what the big picture is. So the Consolidated View is very important.

About Sharesight Pro

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