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Track stocks on the Nasdaq Nordic exchanges with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Sep 18th 2020

With Sharesight, investors can easily track stocks listed on the Nasdaq Nordic exchanges for Stockholm, Copenhagen, Iceland and Helsinki. This is in addition to the Oslo Stock Exchange and more than 40 major stock exchanges spanning Europe and the rest of the world. This gives European investors access to Sharesight’s award-winning performance, dividend tracking and tax reporting features.

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What is Nasdaq Nordic?

Nasdaq Nordic, also known as the OMX Nordic Exchanges, operates exchanges in Europe’s Nordic region, which includes Stockholm (STO), Copenhagen (CPH), Iceland (ICE) and Helsinki (HEL). Nasdaq and OMX officially merged in 2008, creating the Nasdaq OMX Group, which operates across the Nordic, Baltic and Caucasus regions of Europe.

Sharesight tracks more than 1,000 stocks and ETFs listed on the Nasdaq Nordic, with more stocks continually being added over time. This is in addition to over 250 stocks listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, plus stocks in major European markets such as the Euronext, London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA).

How to track the Nasdaq Nordic exchanges on Sharesight

  1. If you’re not using Sharesight yet, sign up for a FREE account to start tracking your portfolio.
  2. Add your holdings to your portfolio by searching for the relevant stock code under the market code STO for Stockholm, CSE for Copenhagen, ICE for Iceland or HEL for Helsinki. Alternatively, you can add holdings through Sharesight’s File Importer feature. Note: While CPH is commonly used as the market code for the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, it is listed under CSE in Sharesight.
  3. Sharesight will automatically fill in the price history for your holdings. It will also backfill past dividends (and continue to add new ones as they are announced) – plus factor in the impact of any currency fluctuations on your performance.

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Searching for ‘Swedbank’ when manually adding a holding in Sharesight, for example.

Already tracking this market in Sharesight?

If you are currently tracking a Nasdaq Nordic exchange holding using Sharesight’s Custom Investment feature, you can merge it with its appropriate instrument, without losing any data.

Track your investment portfolio with Sharesight

Invest in stocks across multiple exchanges or countries? You need to track your investment portfolio with Sharesight. Built for the needs of investors like you, with Sharesight you can:

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