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by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Nov 20th 2022

Sharesight’s multi-currency valuation report is built for the needs of investors who invest across global markets and who think in terms of more than one currency when making investment decisions. This report allows investors to see the value of every investment in their portfolio denominated in both the currency it is traded in, as well as its value when converted to any of the 100+ currencies that Sharesight supports, using the end-of-day value and prevailing forex rate on any date selected.

To find out more about how Sharesight’s multi-currency valuation report helps global investors get the best picture of their investments, keep reading.

Multi-currency valuation report

How currency fluctuations impact portfolio performance

First of all, if you hold foreign investments in your portfolio, it’s important to understand the impact that foreign currency can have on your returns. The screenshot below, for example, shows a Japanese stock in a UK investor’s portfolio where currency accounts for -2.98% of the stock’s total return. Equivalent to -£2,767.74, this figure has a significant impact on returns.

Foreign investment currency impact on returns Sharesight

If the investor were to ignore the impact of foreign currency their perceived total return would be higher, however this would be an inaccurate representation of their total return value. It should also be noted that because currency values are constantly fluctuating, investors must constantly stay on top of exchange rates to get an accurate view of their performance. Sharesight tracks foreign exchange rates automatically (along with dividends and distributions), making it effortless for investors to track the performance of their foreign investments along with the rest of their portfolio.

By running the multi-currency valuation report, global investors can get even deeper insight into the performance of their portfolio.

Think in terms of the currency of your choice

If you’re an international investor who invests primarily in US stocks, you will tend to ‘think’ in terms of US dollars when investing. With the multi-currency valuation report, you can view all of your investments valued in US dollars, or any of the 100+ currencies Sharesight supports.

Multi-currency valuation report USD

See the value of your investments in Bitcoin

Want to see the value of the investments in your portfolio in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? The multi-currency valuation report can do that too.

Multi-currency valuation report Bitcoin

See the value of every investment in its domestic currency

If you invest across multiple global markets, the multi-currency valuation report makes it easy to see the price, units held and total value of every investment in your portfolio, denominated in its domestic currency on any date in your portfolio history.

Break down your portfolio values by currency

The multi-currency valuation report allows investors to break down the results of the report by various dimensions such as the market, country, currency, sector, industry or any of your custom groups defined according to your needs.

When grouped by currency, the multi-currency valuation report provides sub-totals for each investment currency, which will be valuable for investors who need a snapshot of their investment allocation by country for tax purposes, or for investors considering trading in or out of positions denominated in a particular currency.

Multi-currency valuation report USD to JPY A US investor's portfolio denominated in Japanese Yen.

Calculate asset values and exchange rates for tax purposes

The ability to calculate asset values and exchange rates is particularly beneficial for investors who need to record the year-end values and exchange rates on their investments when filing their taxes, such as SMSFs in Australia.

To do this, simply run the multi-currency valuation report and select the final date of the financial year. This will calculate the year-end asset values as well as display the relevant exchange rates of all your investments held on the date in question.

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