Sharesight + Xero

Sharesight, with its powerful performance and tax reporting, gives you unmatched tracking and insight into your investment portfolio.

Leading online accounting system Xero offers crucial cash management and straightforward budgeting. Used together, they provide a seamless solution between investment portfolio management and accounting.

Laptop on left displaying Sharesight app. Laptop on right displaying Xero app. Arrow pointing to right laptop accompanied with Buy, Sells & Dividends Paid text. Arrow pointing to left laptop accompanied with Cash Balances text.

Why connect Sharesight to Xero?


Access your finances 24/7

Categorise your bank transactions, reconcile your trade & dividend data, and track your cash balances alongside your investments — from anywhere, anytime.


Take the pain out of tax time

With your trade data in Sharesight and your deductions (including saved receipts) in Xero, you’ll save both time and money this tax season.


Share unlimited access

Share access with your accountant or financial adviser. They’ll have full visibility into your financial health - not just at tax time, but throughout the year.

How it Works

Sharesight Portfolio Overview screen

Reconcile your investment transactions

When you synchronise your Sharesight portfolio to Xero, details of your share purchases, sales, and dividends will flow into Xero automatically so they can be easily reconciled against your bank statement and incorporated into your personal wealth and budgeting picture.

Sharesight Portfolio Overview screen

Manage your cash balances

Furthermore, Sharesight can pull in your bank account balances, term deposits and cash investments from Xero, so you can view your complete financial position directly within your Sharesight portfolio – automatically, and in real-time.

Sharesight Performance Report screen

If you like the investment insight you get from Sharesight, you’ll love the complete financial picture you get by connecting your portfolio to Xero.

Award Winning Integration

Xero Addon. Xero Award Winner 2014