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Laptop & Calculator - featured
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How much money can Sharesight save you?

by Doug Morris | Oct 26th 2016

Find out how Sharesight can save you over 59% on admin-related investing costs, compared to attempting to track everything in a spreadsheet.

Featured - 2016 Telstra Buy Back
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How to handle the 2016 Telstra buy back

by Corporate Actions Desk | Oct 11th 2016

Follow our step-by-step instructions and learn how to handle the 2016 Telstra buy back corporate action in your Sharesight portfolio.

Money Magnet - featured
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Don’t pay for your investment data

by Doug Morris | Sep 29th 2016

Some share registries charge for access to your investment data. But thanks to technology like Sharesight, investors now have better choices.

Livewire Live Portfolio 2016/09 - featured
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Livewire Live portfolio – September 2016 update

by Doug Morris | Sep 13th 2016

See how the Livewire Live portfolio is tracking in our latest performance update of top fund managers' stock picks from Livewire Live.

Ladders - featured
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4 ways to maximise returns in a low-return world

by Andrew Bird | Jul 25th 2016

A look at how investing-related fees can quickly add-up, and how reducing fees can help maximise returns in an increasingly low-return world.

Interpreting portfolio performance - featured
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3 reasons why your return figures may seem incorrect

by Emma van der Maas | Jul 19th 2016

Learn the 3 factors that affect portfolio performance return figures – including date range, open+closed positions, and annualised returns.

Michael Hill restructure
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How to handle the Michael Hill restructure

by Corporate Actions Desk | Jul 15th 2016

Follow our step-by-step instructions and learn how to handle the Michael Hill restructure in your Sharesight portfolio(s).

Stride Investore restructure - featured
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How to handle the Stride Investore restructure

by Corporate Actions Desk | Jul 14th 2016

Keep-up with Sharesight: cutting-edge cloud-based online portfolio management software for shareholders, DIY investors, accountants and financial advisors.

BoQ - Featured
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Announcing a new partner — Bank of Queensland

by Doug Morris | Jun 10th 2016

Bank of Queensland is now offering their clients access to Sharesight's powerful portfolio tracking and performance & tax reporting tools.

Livewire Live Portfolio 2016 - Featured
Investing tips

Tracking the fund managers' picks

by Doug Morris | Jun 9th 2016

We've built a portfolio tracking the fund managers' picks from Livewire Live 2015 & 2016, assuming $10,000 invested in each company inclusive of brokerage.

10 year gap - featured
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The ten year gap in financial services technology

by Doug Morris | Jun 8th 2016

A recent report by PWC paints a grim picture for professionals on the wrong side of financial services technology - here are our thoughts on the matter.

Livewire Live 2016 - Featured
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Takeaways from Livewire Live

by Doug Morris | Jun 6th 2016

Last week, the Sharesight team dropped in at Livewire Live, an investing insights event hosted at the ASX featuring top-notch industry panelists.