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ASA 2016 - featured
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See you at the ASA's Grow Your Portfolio conference 2016

by Angela Thompson | Feb 19th 2016

Sharesight will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the ASA (Australian Shareholders Association) 2016 Grow Your Portfolio conference.

Real Estate Investar - featured
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Manage your investment properties with Real Estate Investar

by Doug Morris | Sep 25th 2015

Real Estate Investar is a cloud-based application and award-winning Xero add-on that allows you to research and manage your investment properties.

Livewire Insights - Featured
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Investment insights from Livewire

by Doug Morris | Sep 3rd 2015

We're pleased introduce Sharesight members to Livewire - a constantly-updated financial insights website and a must-read for DIY investors.

Smart Advisers - featured
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How smart advisers are leveraging disruption

by Doug Morris | Aug 25th 2015

Smart advisers are leveraging disruption by taking advantage of mFund by ASX, a welcomed addition to the investing landscape.

mFund Roadshow - featured
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mFund from ASX Roadshow

by Doug Morris | Jun 18th 2015

Recently we were invited to present at a roadshow put on by the ASX focussing on mFund, a product that we believe will soon become an industry mainstay.

Fitbit - Featured
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Working on your core: Can specialist products survive?

by Doug Morris | May 15th 2015

In our latest thought leadership peice, we share our thoughts on specialist products Fitbit and GoPro, and how their fates could be quite different.

Uber of Wealth Management - featured
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Where is the Uber of Australian wealth management?

by Doug Morris | Feb 24th 2015

Our response to Graham Hand's thoughtful CuffeLinks blog piece on what it might take to truly disrupt the Australian wealth management industry.

ASX Newsletter - Featured
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More choice for investors (our feature in the ASX newsletter)

by Doug Morris | Jan 19th 2015

Sharesight Executive Director Andrew Bird on how technology is coming to the rescue for investors looking for choice (Source: December ASX newsletter).

Kangaroos - featured
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A tale of three Aussie funds

by Doug Morris | Jan 14th 2015

Aussie managed funds often contain the same shares as the index. So why would investors continue to pay expensive management fees?

Unbundling - featured
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What is unbundling and how much can it save me?

by Doug Morris | Nov 10th 2014

We did the math on running a bundled vs. unbundled $500,000 portfolio. The savings were so great, they even surprised us.

screenshot markets-tumble - featured
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Don't wait until markets tumble to track your investments

by Doug Morris | Oct 22nd 2014

Our signup trends hint that many investors only think seriously about their portfolios when the markets are down (and by then it's probably too late).

Automation - featured
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What is automation worth to you?

by Doug Morris | Oct 15th 2014

While no single app will ever be a silver bullet, it's worth evaluating how a bit of automation can help free up your precious time.