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Kangaroos - featured
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A tale of three Aussie funds

by Doug Morris | Jan 14th 2015

Aussie managed funds often contain the same shares as the index. So why would investors continue to pay expensive management fees?

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What is unbundling and how much can it save me?

by Doug Morris | Nov 10th 2014

We did the math on running a bundled vs. unbundled $500,000 portfolio. The savings were so great, they even surprised us.

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Don't wait until markets tumble to track your investments

by Doug Morris | Oct 22nd 2014

Our signup trends hint that many investors only think seriously about their portfolios when the markets are down (and by then it's probably too late).

Automation - featured
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What is automation worth to you?

by Doug Morris | Oct 15th 2014

While no single app will ever be a silver bullet, it's worth evaluating how a bit of automation can help free up your precious time.

Zero Dollar Brokerage - featured
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Zero dollar brokerage - too good to be true?

by Doug Morris | Sep 25th 2014

Those who caution against zero brokerage services such as Robinhood perpetuate the fear that investing is scary and best left to "professionals".

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Thoughts on (sports media) platforms

by Doug Morris | Sep 5th 2014

Our thoughts on (sports media) platforms - sports-media is one of the only examples where financial services enjoy more rapid disruption.

Shark Laser - featured
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The importance of using a purpose-built application

by Doug Morris | Aug 1st 2014

Relying on one single application to do a bunch of things may serve your immediate needs, but there's no guarantee it will continue to do so in the future.

Why do I need Sharesight with my online broker? - featured
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Why do I need Sharesight with my online broker?

by Doug Morris | Jul 11th 2014

Investors are misinformed about what an online broker does and doesn't do. More interesting still is why online brokers refuse to do what Sharesight can...

Why Does Finance Hate Technology - Featured
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Why does finance hate technology?

by Doug Morris | Jun 12th 2014

In his latest thought leadership article, Sharesight CEO Doug Morris asks the question, why does finance hate technology?

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Is investing getting cheaper?

by Doug Morris | May 6th 2014

Is investing getting cheaper? We hope so! Here are our thoughts on the fund managers and the overall investment landscape.

Contract Notes - Featured
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Portfolio Setup Tip #3: Automatic Contract Note Processing

by Doug Morris | Jan 23rd 2014

The third step in is setting up your Sharesight share tracking portfolio is activating our automatic Trade Confirmation Email processing feature.

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The high price of investment access

by Doug Morris | Sep 17th 2013

Whilst Sharesight can't reduce the investment access fees you pay to invest, it can help you track these fees & dramatically bring down your admin costs.