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Investors can now sync trades to Sharesight from Hatch

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager - Content/SEO, Sharesight

Investors who trade with Hatch in New Zealand can now take advantage of Sharesight’s award-winning performance and tax reporting simply by connecting their Hatch account to Sharesight.

Once connected, Sharesight can sync your full Hatch trading history (or only future trades if your existing trades are already in Sharesight) automatically calculating your portfolio performance as new trades are added, as well as the impact foreign exchange movements, dividends, and corporate actions have on your investment returns.

Sync trades to Sharesight from Hatch

Who is Hatch?

Hatch, based in Wellington (just like Sharesight) launched in 2018 and they exist entirely to help Kiwis put their money to work. They started with the US markets because they account for 85% of all global investing, yet for Kiwis, it’s always been too hard and too expensive to participate.

Their US offering is just the very beginning of a much bigger story for Hatch. They are continuously expanding their services to give novices and experts alike access to world class investments through a smart, curated investing experience.

Hatch was created by Kiwi Wealth, which is Kiwibank’s sister company and part of Kiwi Group Holdings Limited. In the 1.5 years since they’ve launched, they’ve helped over 35,000 Kiwis invest over $140 million in companies, industries and trends that they believe in.

Why connect your Hatch account to Sharesight?

Tracking the portfolios of global investors is what Sharesight is built for, so not only will your Sharesight portfolio be automatically updated with every new trade, with Sharesight you can:

  1. Automatically track your daily price & currency fluctuations, as well as corporate actions like dividends and share splits

  2. Run powerful reports built for investors, including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis and Future Income (upcoming dividends)

  3. Plus run tax reports built specifically for the needs of investors in New Zealand: Including Taxable Income (dividends/distributions), Traders Tax (Capital Gains for traders in NZ) and FIF foreign investment fund income reports

Connect your Hatch account to Sharesight

Hatch made it easy to connect your investment account through the powerful Sharesight API. If you don’t already have a Sharesight account, you can get started by signing up for a free account.

Import trades from Hatch

Once signed up, select “Import from a Broker” on the ‘Let’s get you started with Sharesight’ page and follow the instructions on the Import and sync Hatch trade account help page to import your trades.

Sharesight & Hatch - Your money working smarter webinar

In this recording of our joint webinar with Hatch you can learn how to connect your Hatch and Sharesight accounts and sync your trading history - plus hear answers to audience questions.

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Now that you can automatically sync trades from your Hatch account directly to Sharesight, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and join over 100,000 investors around the world who already use Sharesight to track their investment performance and calculate their NZ IRD tax obligations.