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Sharesight + Xero - Featured
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Track cash & fixed interest investments via Xero

by Doug Morris | Aug 13th 2014

Sharesight now integrates with Xero bank feeds! So you can track your cash balances and display reconciled buys, sells, and dividends automatically.

Xerocon Sydney 2014 - featured

Meet Sharesight at Xerocon Sydney 2014

by Doug Morris | Aug 7th 2014

Visit us at Xerocon Sydney 2014 to check out our break-out presentations & personalised demos, and enter the draw to win your very own Parrot AR 2.0 drone!

Shark Laser - featured
Investing tips | News

The importance of using a purpose-built application

by Doug Morris | Aug 1st 2014

Relying on one single application to do a bunch of things may serve your immediate needs, but there's no guarantee it will continue to do so in the future.

Why Does Finance Hate Technology - Featured
Investing tips | News

Why does finance hate technology?

by Doug Morris | Jun 12th 2014

In his latest thought leadership article, Sharesight CEO Doug Morris asks the question, why does finance hate technology?

small business apps - featured

What apps do we use to run our small business?

by Doug Morris | Jun 4th 2014

Today we answer the question, what apps do we use to run our small business, including Google, GitHub, HootSuite, Campaign Monitor, Pivotal Tracker & Xero.

sharesight + stockspot - featured

Announcing a new strategic partner: Stockspot

by Doug Morris | May 12th 2014

Sharesight announces new strategic partner Stockspot, a Sydney-based firm providing fully-online, low-fee, hassle-free investing.

heartbleed bug - featured

Security update: the Heartbleed bug

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 10th 2014

We closely monitor all aspects of our security and as such we took immediate action to ensure that Sharesight was protected against the Heartbleed Bug.

android - featured

Why on earth are we blogging about switching from Apple to Android?

by Doug Morris | Apr 2nd 2014

The Sharesight team has been slowly switching from Apple to Android, learn why in our latest thought leadership blog article.

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Sharesight adds marketing focus

by Angela Thompson | Mar 24th 2014

Angela Thompson joins the Sharesight team as Digital Marketing Manager. Sharesight is a fintech company providing a cutting-edge portfolio tracking system.

Xerocon Auckland 2014 - featured

Xerocon Auckland 2014: from sheep to shares

by Doug Morris | Feb 25th 2014

Our wrap-up of Xerocon Auckland 2014, Xero's accounting conference which took place in Auckland New Zealand in February 2014.

Fitbit - featured

Why on earth are we blogging about wearable technology?

by Doug Morris | Feb 8th 2014

In our latest thought leaedership article, we muse on how Sharesight has a lot of the same benefits as wearable technology like Fitbit.

Sharesight + CMC Stockbroking - featured

A new partnership with CMC Markets

by Doug Morris | Jan 30th 2014

We're excited to announce our new partnership with CMC Markets which provides CMC Premium Traders access to a Sharesight Investor Plan at no cost.