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The time is now for financial planners to embrace fintechs

by Doug Morris | Dec 13th 2017

Rather than viewing fintechs as a threat to their business, financial planners should take the time to examine the opportunity that they can bring.

Sharesight IMAP Investtech

Sharesight at IMAP InvestTech 2017

by David Olsen | Dec 12th 2017

Last week the team at Sharesight was pleased to be a part of the InvestTech 2017 event in Sydney run by IMAP -- the Institute of Managed Account Professionals.

featured laptop-blogs

The top 11 Sharesight blog posts of 2017

by David Olsen | Dec 7th 2017

Let’s take a moment to recap the top 11 posts of 2017 -- it’s a nice way to make sure you haven’t missed-out on anything valuable this year!

featured - KES Kenya School - 2017 update

Help Sharesight support a great investment

by Tony Ryburn | Nov 29th 2017

Read about my recent trip to Kenya to visit a school my wife and I helped build for local children, and find out how you can help.

featured 2018-stock-picking-competition (2)

2018 Sharesight stock picking competition — details

by David Olsen | Nov 28th 2017

While we're yet to finish the 2017 Competition, It’s time to start thinking about your pick for the 2018 Sharesight Stock Picking Competition!

Top 100 Accountants Australia

6 of the top 10 accounting firms in Australia use Sharesight

by David Olsen | Nov 24th 2017

Sharesight's partners landed 6 of the top 10 places in the Australian Financial Review’s recently published list of Australia’s “Top 100 Accounting Firms”.

featured investtech-2017

See you at InvestTech 2017

by Angela Thompson | Nov 24th 2017

Sharesight is pleased to announce our participation at InvestTech, the Portfolio Management Technology conference, taking place in Sydney on December 5th 2017.

featured - globes

Say yes to investment diversity Australia

by Matthew Leibowitz | Oct 22nd 2017

Technology forward platforms now offer a place for self-directed investors to diversify their holdings into a world of opportunity.

Sharesight20 ASX Weekly Trade Data

Get weekly Sharesight20 ASX & NZX trading snapshots

by David Olsen | Oct 17th 2017

The Sharesight20 trading snapshot is a weekly update of the top 20 shares traded by the Sharesight userbase on a particular market over the past 7 days.

featured - Open Banking in Australia

Why Australia needs Open Banking like the UK

by Doug Morris | Oct 12th 2017

Open Banking refers to banks and financial institutions giving consumers access and control over their personal financial data and is already law in the UK.

Sharesight - global fintech

Snapshot of a global fintech

by Emily Grunberg | Sep 29th 2017

Investors in 61 different countries use Sharesight to track the performance of global investments across 16 different stock markets.


Why the right partners matter

by Doug Morris | Sep 28th 2017

From the early days we knew partnerships would be key to ramping up not only our growth, but also the value of Sharesight itself.