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Sharesight infographic - 10 year anniversary numbers

Sharesight in numbers

by Emily Grunberg | Sep 17th 2017

Sharesight has been empowering investors with their true portfolio performance for 10 years. Here’s how that translates in numbers.

Featured - Sharesight - Scott Ryburn & Tony Ryburn outside NZX 2017

These two reasons are why I founded Sharesight

by Tony Ryburn | Sep 5th 2017

Sharesight is all about solving the problems I had as a hands-on share market investor and making the solutions available to everyone.


Sharesight's 10 year fintech journey

by David Olsen | Aug 31st 2017

September 3rd 2017 is Sharesight's 10th birthday. Let's recap the last 10 years of our fintech journey with details of every amazing feature and milestone.

featured - nzsa conference 2017

Get more out of share investing at the 2017 NZSA conference

by Doug Morris | Jul 27th 2017

For several years Sharesight has partnered with the New Zealand Shareholders Association, who are holding their annual Investor Conference and AGM August 19.

featured fintech-australia-ecosystem-map-2017

Why you should partner with Sharesight

by David Olsen | Jul 25th 2017

Let's dive into what makes collaboration in the fintech ecosystem so important to Sharesight, and why we believe it benefits both our customers and partners.

featured fintech-australia-ecosystem-map-2017

Where Sharesight fits in FinTech Australia’s ecosystem map

by David Olsen | Jun 22nd 2017

Sharesight is excited by Australia’s fintech industry body releasing their first member ecosystem map that shows where 162 members fit in the ecosystem.

featured unbundled-smsf

SMSFs up 20% since 2012

by David Olsen | Jun 20th 2017

30% of Australians not currently running an SMSF intend to do so in future, with 13% planning to start their own SMSF within the next 12 months.

featured - 2017 finnie awards winners

Sharesight wins 2017 Finnies award for Excellence in Industry Collaboration & Partnerships

by Doug Morris | May 25th 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that Sharesight has won the 2017 “Finnies” award for Excellence in Industry Collaboration and Partnerships (Australia)!

featured - Finnies 2017

Sharesight named a 2017 Finnies finalist

by Angela Thompson | May 16th 2017

We’re pleased to announce that Sharesight has been recognised as a finalist in the 2017 Finnies – FinTech Australia’s inaugural national fintech awards.

featured - London - Bank & Bus

Wrap-up of the 2017 British Australian Fintech Forum

by Doug Morris | May 10th 2017

Our thoughts on the British Australian Fintech Forum (BAFF), which took place in London from Wednesday 19th April to Friday 21st April.

featured - London - Financial District

Sharesight wins spot on British Australian Fintech Forum

by Doug Morris | Apr 18th 2017

Sharesight has been awarded a spot on the British Australian Fintech Forum (BAFF) taking place in London April 19-21, 2017.

featured - time & Australian money

Introducing 20 minute delayed pricing for ASX holdings

by Angela Thompson | Apr 11th 2017

Today we're pleased to announce 20 minute delayed pricing for holdings listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).