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featured - hot air balloons

2017 stock picking competition

by Doug Morris | Dec 16th 2016

We’re running a stock picking competition with Livewire and we need your pick of the ASX-listed stock that you think will be the top performer in 2017.

featured - macrovue + sharesight

Announcing a new partner — Macrovue

by Doug Morris | Dec 12th 2016

Macrovue has partnered with Sharesight to offer their clients enhanced performance and tax reporting - this is another example of Sharesight as a platform.

featured - six park + sharesight

Announcing a new partner — Six Park

by Doug Morris | Nov 25th 2016

Six Park has chosen Sharesight to power their globally diversified, professionally managed portfolio service by leveraging our award-winning investment reports.

Featured - FinTech Australia

Sharesight founding member of FinTech Australia

by Doug Morris | Oct 13th 2016

We've joined forces with FinTech Australia, with the aim of making Australia the leading market for financial technology innovation in Asia.

Simply Wall St. + Sharesight - featured
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Visualise your portfolio with Sharesight and Simply Wall St

by Doug Morris | Sep 27th 2016

Simply Wall St customers can import their Sharesight portfolios in just a few clicks, allowing them to easily visualise their share holdings.

cloud gears - featured

PwC partners with Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Sep 19th 2016

We’re pleased to announce that PwC has chosen Sharesight to be part of PwC Next - an innovative cloud-based platform for private clients and businesses.

Livewire Live Portfolio 2016/09 - featured
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Livewire Live portfolio – September 2016 update

by Doug Morris | Sep 13th 2016

See how the Livewire Live portfolio is tracking in our latest performance update of top fund managers' stock picks from Livewire Live.

Madrid, Milan, Bombay, India markets - featured
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Track Madrid, Milan, Bombay & India stock markets

by Angela Thompson | Aug 25th 2016

We've added support for BIT, BME, BSE, and NSE, so you can now track Madrid, Milan, Bombay & India stock markets within your Sharesight portfolio(s).

Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report - featured
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Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report

by Doug Morris | Aug 9th 2016

Our Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report calculates capital gains (and losses) made on investments according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules.

BoQ - Featured
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Announcing a new partner — Bank of Queensland

by Doug Morris | Jun 10th 2016

Bank of Queensland is now offering their clients access to Sharesight's powerful portfolio tracking and performance & tax reporting tools.

10 year gap - featured
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The ten year gap in financial services technology

by Doug Morris | Jun 8th 2016

A recent report by PWC paints a grim picture for professionals on the wrong side of financial services technology - here are our thoughts on the matter.

Livewire Live 2016 - Featured
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Takeaways from Livewire Live

by Doug Morris | Jun 6th 2016

Last week, the Sharesight team dropped in at Livewire Live, an investing insights event hosted at the ASX featuring top-notch industry panelists.