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Marketing - Featured

We're looking for marketing superstars

by Angela Thompson | Apr 12th 2016

We're looking for a Marketing Coordinator and an Analytical Marketing Manager to help grow Sharesight's investment portfolio tracking & reporting system.

Livewire + Sharesight - Featured
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Get Livewire market insights within your portfolio

by Doug Morris | Feb 29th 2016

We're pleased to announce that we've partnered with Livewire to bring their exclusive market insights directly into your Sharesight portfolio.

ASA 2016 - featured
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See you at the ASA's Grow Your Portfolio conference 2016

by Angela Thompson | Feb 19th 2016

Sharesight will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the ASA (Australian Shareholders Association) 2016 Grow Your Portfolio conference.

Cap Raise 2016 - Featured

Sharesight raises $2m - thank you customers

by Doug Morris | Dec 22nd 2015

We have raised over NZD $2M from you, our customers. Thanks to all who showed interest in this capital raise, and thanks as always to all our customers.

Republic Wealth Management - Featured

Announcing a new partnership: Republic Wealth Management

by Doug Morris | Dec 8th 2015

Our newest strategic partner is Republic Wealth Management, a B2B robo-adviser catering to financial planning companies.

Fintech Recruiting - Featured

What we learned when recruiting for our fintech

by Doug Morris | Nov 16th 2015

We noticed something when recruiting for our fintech startup recently: people from traditional industries are much more open to joining a fintech startup.

Cuffelinks - featured

Sharesight named a Cuffelinks Alliance Partner

by Doug Morris | Nov 5th 2015

Sharesight has been named a Cuffelinks Alliance Partner - Cuffelinks is a free investment newsletter written by financial market professionals.

Swiss Tokyo Markets - Featured
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Track the Swiss & Tokyo stock exchanges

by Angela Thompson | Oct 28th 2015

We've expanded our global markets coverage so investors may now use Sharesight to track the Swiss & Tokyo stock exchanges.

CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform Launch - Featured

CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform Launch

by Angela Thompson | Oct 16th 2015

The CMC Markets Stockbroking Pro Platform is Australia's 1st HTML5 trading platform and provides frequent traders with cutting-edge customization features.

Malcolm Turnbull API - Featured

When Malcolm Turnbull uttered the words "open API"

by Doug Morris | Oct 8th 2015

Malcolm Turnbull's comments on open API ecosystems at the recent OnMarket BookBuilds launch are a good sign for Australian fintech.

Afiniation Award - featured

Sharesight wins "Best Tech" award at Afiniation

by Doug Morris | Sep 29th 2015

Sharesight won the award for Best Technology at the Afiniation Showcase 2015, which took place in Sydney on September 24th.

ATSA 2015 - featured

Reminder: Register now for ATSA 2015

by Angela Thompson | Sep 16th 2015

A reminder to register to join us at the Accountants' Technology Showcase Australia (ATSA) conference, 12-13 October 2015.