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featured nz-dollars-calculator

How to calculate your 2018 FIF income

by Angela Thompson | Mar 26th 2018

Sharesight's comprehensive FIF Report automatically calculates your 2017-2018 FIF income, which you can use for your New Zealand IRD tax return.

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Sharesight portfolio sharing now on all plans (even free!)

by David Olsen | Mar 21st 2018

Given its popularity among investors on Sharesight premium plans, we have made portfolio sharing available to everyone -- including free Sharesight accounts.

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3 ways Sharesight's professional plan simplifies NZ tax returns

by Josh Rodrigues | Mar 19th 2018

Here are 3 ways you can get a head-start on preparing your clients’ tax returns with Sharesight Pro, before they even make an appointment to see you!

Featured - Track foreign currency on Sharesight

Track foreign currency on Sharesight

by David Olsen | Feb 22nd 2018

Investors can now track foreign currency holdings as an FX currency account in their Sharesight portfolio, with prices updated every 5 minutes.

featured - Sharesight Amazon Alexa Skill

Sharesight now has an Amazon Alexa Skill

by David Olsen | Feb 13th 2018

For anyone with an Amazon Echo, you can now ask Alexa how your share portfolio is performing by adding the Sharesight Alexa Skill.

featured - Sharesight API Russell Dear

Q&A with Sharesight Alexa Skill developer — Russell Dear

by David Olsen | Feb 13th 2018

Recently a Senior Developer at Xero reached out to us in a personal capacity to ask whether he could develop an Amazon Alexa Skill for Sharesight using our API.

featured - Sharesight Portfolio on iPad

New and improved Sharesight features in 2017

by David Olsen | Dec 18th 2017

2017 was a busy year for Sharesight - we celebrated our tenth birthday, and we added a suite of new and improved features to make Sharesight better than ever.


Benchmarking your portfolio against ETFs

by Doug Morris | Dec 4th 2017

If you haven’t switched on the benchmarking feature in Sharesight, give it a try. You can track the performance of your portfolio against our universe of ETFs.

featured - import google finance portfolio to sharesight

Last chance to download your Google Finance portfolio

by David Olsen | Nov 30th 2017

It’s NOT TOO LATE to download your Google Finance portfolio data so you can import it into other portfolio trackers (like Sharesight) - here’s how to do it.

featured - import yahoo finance portfolio to sharesight

Easily import your Yahoo Finance portfolio into Sharesight

by Angela Thompson | Nov 23rd 2017

Solve your portfolio tracking problem. Sign up for a FREE Sharesight account and upload your Yahoo Finance portfolio today!

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New functionality for Consolidated Views

by Angela Thompson | Nov 9th 2017

Leverage the latest updates to the Consolidated Views feature in order to gain additional insights into your investment portfolios.

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Run your tax reports before ATO’s October 31 deadline

by Angela Thompson | Oct 27th 2017

There's still time to run your investment portfolio tax reports before the ATO’s October 31 do-it-yourself return deadline.