Easily track Wealthsimple trades with Sharesight

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Writer, Sharesight | Dec 8th 2021

Investors using Wealthsimple Trade can automatically import historical and ongoing trades in Canadian and US stocks and ETFs, as well as any of the cryptocurrencies supported by Sharesight. With support for over 200 global brokers and automatically updated price and dividend information on more than 240,000 stocks, ETFs and mutual funds, Sharesight is the ultimate tool for Canadian investors to track all of their investments in one place. To learn more about how investors benefit from tracking their Wealthsimple Trade investments in Sharesight, keep reading.

Track Wealthsimple trades

What is Wealthsimple Trade?

Wealthsimple Trade is Wealthsimple’s self-directed investment platform for Canadian investors. It offers two different types of accounts: Trade or Crypto. Trade accounts allow investors to buy and sell stocks and ETFs on Canadian exchanges, while Crypto accounts allow investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through a personal (non-registered) account. Sharesight supports automatic tracking for both Trade and Crypto accounts.

Why you should track Wealthsimple trades with Sharesight

By importing your Wealthsimple trades to Sharesight (along with the rest of your investments), you can easily track your investment performance across different brokers, asset classes and over 40 global markets, including the CNSX, CVE and TSE. Investors also gain access to Sharesight’s advanced performance and tax reporting designed for the needs of self-directed investors.

Sharesight also offers a range of powerful reports for investors including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, Multi-Period, Multi-Currency Valuation and Future Income (upcoming announced dividends). The ability to track cash accounts, property and cryptocurrency is just another reason that investors should consider using Sharesight to track their investment portfolio.

Track your dividend income

Unlike other portfolio trackers, Sharesight automatically tracks dividend and distribution income (including dividend reinvestment plans) and takes this into account when calculating your investment return. In the screenshot below for example, dividends make a significant contribution to this stock’s returns, highlighting the value of a portfolio tracking solution that includes more than just capital gains in its performance calculations.

Canadian dividend stock example

Calculate your capital gains tax

Sharesight’s Capital Gains Tax Report is the ultimate CGT calculator for Canadian investors. The report automatically determines capital gains made on sold shares as per the Canadian tax rules, eliminating the need for investors to make manual calculations, which can be complex and subject to error. Other convenient features include the ability to optimise your tax position by carrying losses forward, as well as a breakdown of your portfolio’s short-term and long-term capital gains and losses.

How to import your Wealthsimple trades to Sharesight

Sharesight makes it easy to import your historical and ongoing Wealthsimple trades through the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, which allows you to automatically import your ongoing trades to your Sharesight portfolio by having your trade confirmations forwarded to your unique portfolio email address. You can also import your historical trades using the Trade Confirmation Emails feature, however for bulk imports with a large number of trades, it is recommended you upload your trades via spreadsheet file.

Start tracking your Wealthsimple trades with Sharesight

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