Every feature Sharesight released in 2022

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jan 11th 2023

2022 was a big year for Sharesight. Not only did we celebrate our 15-year anniversary, but we also unveiled our new brand, including a redesigned website, a new logo and a highly refined product. Expanding our support for global investors remained another important priority for us in 2022, with support for seven new stock exchanges and 29 additional currencies, plus additional or improved support for 21 global brokers.

Not every new Sharesight feature gets its own blog post, but all updates are covered in our monthly release notes. In case you have missed any of these updates, here is a list of every new feature and upgrade released by Sharesight in 2022.

Every feature Sharesight released in 2022

New functionality/enhancements



  • Added support for syncing Capital Calls to Xero as bank transactions


  • Added support for users from an additional 29 countries to sign up to Sharesight and track portfolios and custom investments in their local currency. Sharesight now supports 164 currencies

  • Added a new account level interface to manage custom investments and their prices across all portfolios

  • Updated labels on the trust distribution pro rata form which is available on the taxable income report for Australian users



  • Added support for over 24,000 US mutual funds

  • Expanded benchmarking beyond ETFs, equities and managed funds to include essentially all instruments

  • Added support for the Prague Stock Exchange


  • Improved our handling of Australian managed fund payouts for more accurate treatment at tax time

  • Introduced a warning icon on the Australian taxable income report for payouts from ETF or managed fund sources that do not have complete end of year tax components

  • Increased custom groups from 7 to 12 for Sharesight’s Professional plan

  • Added support for the Athens Stock Exchange


  • Added support for the Brazilian, Mexican and Peruvian stock exchanges


  • Introduced new ‘in this quarter’ and ‘last quarter’ period options on the overview on all relevant reports

  • Introduced a new cost base per share column into the all trades report XLSX and Google Drive downloads, relevant for opening balance and merge trades


  • Introduced the ability to identify all portfolios that contain a specific holding. This is particularly useful for our professional users with many portfolios

  • Added support for the Bucharest and Indonesia stock exchanges

  • Introduced a new Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) field on all foreign payouts in New Zealand portfolios. Capturing this value is particularly useful when your investments are held through custodial arrangements


  • Avg purchase price displayed on the holdings page

  • Introduced a new streamlined service (Interactive Brokers web service) for syncing trades from Interactive Brokers into Sharesight

UX/Usability improvements


  • Introduced a new breadcrumb navigation bar in the Account preferences section. This will be rolled out to other places soon

  • The Integrations tab has moved to a menu item under the Account dropdown

  • The Help tab has moved to a menu item under the Account dropdown

  • Reduced the height of the Header bar for an improved experience on mobile devices

  • Added a new Brokers tab allowing quick access to import data from all of our supported brokers

  • Reimplemented the Reports tab for a better experience on mobile devices


  • Extended breadcrumb navigation to the plans and payments pages

  • Reimplemented the broker import and CSV upload pages, improved usability and added drag and drop functionality

  • Various usability improvements for mobile devices

  • Updated chart colours

  • Updated styling on the criteria bar used across various reports


  • Migrated all Macquarie connections to our modernised mobile friendly connections screen

  • Completed a major update of the annual tax components form for Australian ETFs and managed funds

  • Made it easier to add cash accounts to empty portfolios

  • Expanded our new breadcrumbs to additional screens and improved the functionality on both mobile and desktop while also adding a new home icon to all breadcrumbs

  • Modernised the broker page for Marketech

  • Completed an overhaul of the opening balance file import

  • Introduced consistency across all report page headers

  • Updated styling on the portfolio settings page


  • Upgraded our branded logos and introduced a new banner colour for all users

  • Consolidated our button colours to align with our brand moving forward

  • Upgraded our Interactive Brokers CSV and integration screens

  • Upgraded our Saxo Markets integration screen

  • Expanded our new breadcrumbs navigation to include the transactions log, holdings page and four reports


  • The new breadcrumb navigation was rolled out to the holdings page and 11 reports

  • Added an ‘add to home screen’ prompt on Android devices when visiting Sharesight on a mobile device

  • Introduced several new colours to closer align the product with our brand moving forward


  • Updated our Xero connection functionality to now retain the Xero account mappings, even if a Xero connection to a portfolio is temporarily broken, to avoid having to re-key this information

  • Introduced a modernised mobile-friendly account preferences page for customers on the Professional plan

  • Revamped our signup and login pages to align with our brand moving forward

  • Introduced the first tranche of a revamped payouts table and form: Fixed interest investments in NZ portfolios

  • Introduced some UX styling tweaks to ensure smooth page transitions

  • Completed our new breadcrumb navigation by rolling out the breadcrumb to the Professional plans, billing, trade confirmations, cash account and Connect API pages

  • Introduced a revamped ‘trade confirmation’ section on our broker tiles, streamlining the process for setting up auto-forwarding of trade confirmation emails

  • Revamped our generic CSV importer screen to simplify the steps required to import trade data


  • Introduced the second tranche of a revamped payouts table and form: dividends in NZ portfolios

  • Introduced some UX styling tweaks such as the typeface change on our page headers

  • Introduced a revamped onboarding screen, to align with our brand moving forward

  • Improved the all trades report and holdings page load time by 50% for users with Xero connections


  • Introduced a new colour scheme that impacts every page in the product

  • Improved the loading time of the Dashboard view for professional users, specifically staff, by up to 85% in some cases

  • Introduced the third tranche of a revamped payouts table and form, this time extending our new payouts in New Zealand portfolios from our Investor and Expert users only, to all users


  • Introduced the full breakdown of capital gains, currency and payout gain on both the overview page and performance reports when viewed on mobile devices

  • Introduced some improvements to our brokers page to simplify the process of importing trade data

  • Reduced the size of the banner on mobile (with the introduction of our new logo) and collapsed the filter options by default, such as time period selection and the open/closed positions toggle when viewing the overview page on a mobile device. This was done to free up space for showing the most relevant information to users

  • Updated the styling of the prompts at the top of the overview page to bring them into alignment with our new brand

  • Introduced the fourth tranche of a revamped payouts table and form, this time extending our new payouts to non-AU/NZ portfolios


  • Improved the experience of managing custom investments on mobile devices

Broker support


  • Added support for Rothschild & Co (Switzerland)

  • Added support for InvestEngine (UK)


  • Added support for SEDOL identifiers in trade confirmations

  • Added support for Wealthsimple trade confirmations (Canada)

  • Added support for Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)


  • Added support for Jarvis Investment Management (UK)

  • Added support for Gibraltar Asset Management (Gibraltar)

  • Added Support for Capital Financial Markets (UK)

  • Added support for Robinhood recurring weekly/daily/monthly investments (US)


  • Added support for Halo Technologies (Australia)



  • Introduced support for historical trade imports from TD Ameritrade (US) via CSV file

  • Introduced support for historical trade imports from CMC via CSV file

  • Added support for DBS Vickers trade confirmations

  • Added support for Qtrade trade confirmations

  • Added support for historical trade imports via XLSX files for Bell Direct, Bell Potter, Desktop Broker, Macquarie and HSBC Australia. This is in addition to our existing CSV file support for these brokers


  • Added instructions to the Jarden Direct broker tile for connecting Jarden accounts to Sharesight

  • Expanded our support of Stake US trade files to include ASX listings

  • Introduced support for Qtrade trade confirmations

  • Expanded our trade confirmation support for Halo Technologies to include confirmations containing multiple trades

  • Revamped our Interactive Broker tile to simplify the steps required to import historical trades


  • Introduced support for Stocktrade trade confirmations

Sharesight API


  • V2: Added a new ‘signup via your integration’ attribute to the my user endpoint. This allows API partners to identify users that signed up via their integration


  • Updated API docs to remove deprecated V1 API


  • Updated the introduction page for our API docs

Looking forward to a fantastic 2023

A big thank you to all of our loyal customers and partners for joining us on our journey in 2022, where we made it our mission to evolve our brand and refine our product based on your feedback. We have some exciting new features planned for 2023 and we look forward to sharing them with you, so watch this space!

If you’re not using Sharesight yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a FREE account to start tracking your investment performance (and tax) today.



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