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Livewire Live 2017 — Free Digital Pass offer

by David Olsen | Aug 4th 2017

Sharesight partner Livewire is giving the first 50 Sharesight users to sign up a 100% discount on their Livewire Live 2017 Digital Pass.

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Get more out of share investing at the 2017 NZSA conference

by Doug Morris | Jul 27th 2017

For several years Sharesight has partnered with the New Zealand Shareholders Association, who are holding their annual Investor Conference and AGM August 19.

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Why you should partner with Sharesight

by David Olsen | Jul 25th 2017

Let's dive into what makes collaboration in the fintech ecosystem so important to Sharesight, and why we believe it benefits both our customers and partners.

Featured CompanyMerger
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Announcing the Merge Holding feature

by Angela Thompson | Jul 24th 2017

Mergers or takeovers often result in manual portfolio admin for investors. Sharesight's new Merge Holding feature makes merger admin easy.

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2017 stock picking competition — July update

by Doug Morris | Jul 21st 2017

We’re at the halfway point of our stock picking competition. See who's in the lead so far: Sharesight customers, Livewire readers, or the Fund Managers.

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Top 3 Australian investor trends in 2017

by David Olsen | Jul 18th 2017

Sharesight has reviewed the 2017 ASX’s Australian Share Ownership Study and identified three key trends that have emerged in the last 5 years.

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Corporate Actions

How to handle the Afterpay and Touchcorp merger

by Josh Rodrigues | Jul 12th 2017

Step by step instructions on how to handle the ASX listed Afterpay (AFY) and Touchcorp (TCH) merger in your Sharesight investment portfolio(s).

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Millennial investors smash avocado myth in ASX report

by David Olsen | Jul 11th 2017

The ASX has revealed millennial investor numbers in Australia have almost doubled over the last 5 years, busting the myth they are imprudent investors.

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How to calculate your 2017 FIF income

by Angela Thompson | Jul 5th 2017

Calculate your 2017 IRD FIF income with our comprehensive FIF report which automatically calculates your peak holding balance & FIF income.

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3 Sharesight email alerts you should enable today

by David Olsen | Jun 27th 2017

Did you know that Sharesight offers you a number of email alerts so you can stay on top of changes in your investment portfolio?

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8 tips to get your portfolio on track today

by Doug Morris | Jun 23rd 2017

Getting your investment portfolio on the right track today creates an outsized impact on the gains you’ll realise in the future.

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Where Sharesight fits in FinTech Australia’s ecosystem map

by David Olsen | Jun 22nd 2017

Sharesight is excited by Australia’s fintech industry body releasing their first member ecosystem map that shows where 162 members fit in the ecosystem.

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SMSFs up 20% since 2012

by David Olsen | Jun 20th 2017

30% of Australians not currently running an SMSF intend to do so in future, with 13% planning to start their own SMSF within the next 12 months.

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Does your investment portfolio match your appetite for risk?

by David Olsen | Jun 14th 2017

Australian investors are risk averse, yet tend not to be well diversified, align your portfolio to your risk appetite with Sharesight’s Diversity Report.

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Manage those pesky corporate actions before EOFY

by Angela Thompson | Jun 8th 2017

There's still time to catch-up on corporate action “portfolio admin” and make proactive investing & tax decisions before EOFY.

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Tax loss selling made easy

by Andrew Bird | Jun 6th 2017

Lower your capital gain tax obligations by taking advantage of tax loss selling (tax harvesting) — Sharesight's Unrealised CGT Report makes it easy.

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3 ways to save money this EOFY

by Angela Thompson | Jun 2nd 2017

With the Australian end of financial year (EOFY) fast approaching, now is the time to get your portfolio-related tax affairs in order.

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Ode to the spreadsheet

by Doug Morris | May 31st 2017

It's truly amazing how much time people will spend tinkering away on an Excel spreadsheet, even though there are better solutions. We're guilty of it too.