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Sharesight20 October ASX trading snapshot

Sharesight20 October trading snapshot

by David Olsen | Oct 27th 2017

Today we launch the Sharesight20 monthly trading snapshot, the top 20 trades on the ASX and NZX markets by the Sharesight userbase during the current month.

featured - tax time

Run your tax reports before ATO’s October 31 deadline

by Angela Thompson | Oct 27th 2017

There's still time to run your investment portfolio tax reports before the ATO’s October 31 do-it-yourself return deadline.

Buy and Hold Bull Market

5 Reasons why buy and hold investors use Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Oct 24th 2017

If you’re a buy and hold investor, an active trader, or even a professional wealth manager, Sharesight has features for you.

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Say yes to investment diversity Australia

by Matthew Leibowitz | Oct 23rd 2017

Technology forward platforms now offer a place for self-directed investors to diversify their holdings into a world of opportunity.

Sharesight20 ASX Weekly Trade Data

Get weekly Sharesight20 ASX & NZX trading snapshots

by David Olsen | Oct 17th 2017

The Sharesight20 trading snapshot is a weekly update of the top 20 shares traded by the Sharesight userbase on a particular market over the past 7 days.

featured - Open Banking in Australia

Why Australia needs Open Banking like the UK

by Doug Morris | Oct 12th 2017

Open Banking refers to banks and financial institutions giving consumers access and control over their personal financial data and is already law in the UK.


Sharesight connects to amscot Stockbroking and State One

by David Olsen | Oct 9th 2017

Sharesight are excited to announce that amscot Stockbroking, along with State One Stockbroking can now connect their trading accounts directly to Sharesight.

featured - import google finance portfolio to sharesight

Import your Google Finance portfolio into Sharesight

by Angela Thompson | Oct 6th 2017

Looking for a Google Finance portfolio alternative? Don't wait until it's too late. Upload your Google Finance portfolio into Sharesight today!

Sharesight - global fintech

Snapshot of a global fintech

by Emily Grunberg | Sep 29th 2017

Investors in 61 different countries use Sharesight to track the performance of global investments across 16 different stock markets.


Why the right partners matter

by Doug Morris | Sep 28th 2017

From the early days we knew partnerships would be key to ramping up not only our growth, but also the value of Sharesight itself.

featured scott-ryburn-sharesight

Q&A with Sharesight co-founder and CTO Scott Ryburn

by David Olsen | Sep 20th 2017

We sat down with Sharesight co-founder and CTO Scott Ryburn to learn about the history of Sharesight and Scott’s fintech startup journey over the last decade.

Sharesight infographic - 10 year anniversary numbers

Sharesight in numbers

by Emily Grunberg | Sep 18th 2017

Sharesight has been empowering investors with their true portfolio performance for 10 years. Here’s how that translates in numbers.