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Sharesight release notes - September 2020

by Scott Ryburn, CTO, Sharesight | Oct 11th 2020

A highlight for September was sourcing and loading finalised ETF components for all ASX listed Vanguard, iShares, Russell, ETFS, Betashares, Van Eck ETFs. This provides complete and accurate tax breakdowns necessary for Australian customers to complete their tax returns. We have greatly enhanced our backend automation which has allowed us to have this data available a month earlier than last year.

Release Notes September 2020

New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Added support for the following new markets (with 20 year price and dividend history):
  • Nasdaq Nordic Stockholm
  • Nasdaq Nordic Copenhagen
  • Nasdaq Nordic Iceland
  • Nasdaq Nordic Helsinki
  • Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Bursa Malaysia KLS stock exchange
  • Added currency support for Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNH)
  • Added new ‘Investment Type’ categorisation for Stapled Securities and added tooltip assistance around correctly recording dividends (Australian customers)
  • Added new ‘In this month’ date range option on the Overview Page


  • Rebuilt Xero settings page with improved layout for mobile devices
  • Rebuilt Sharesight API settings page with improved layout for mobile devices
  • Rebuilt trades table on the holding page. Trades now show trade source information and ‘created at’ timestamp.

Broker Import Functionality

  • Added support for Apex Clearing Corporation Trade Confirmations (US)
  • Added support for Superhero trade confirmations (Australia)
  • New CSV importer will now save comments against the trade if provided in the csv file.
  • New CSV importer now supports a user defined ‘unique ID’ per trade and will update existing trades if already imported with a matching unique ID.

Sharesight API

  • Added additional DRP attributes to API v3 trades endpoints