Track CIBC Investor's Edge trades using Sharesight

by David Olsen, Senior Marketing Manager — Content/SEO, Sharesight | Feb 6th 2019

It’s now even easier for Canadians trading with CIBC Investor’s Edge to get started tracking the performance of their stock and mutual fund investments with Sharesight. CIBC Investor’s Edge clients can now import their trading history directly into Sharesight with our broker import wizard - unlocking the power of Sharesight’s performance and tax reporting in a few easy steps.

Track CIBC Investors Edge stock mutual funds

Why use Sharesight with CIBC Investor’s Edge?

Importing your historical CIBC Investor’s Edge trading data

Importing your CIBC Investor’s Edge trades into Sharesight is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for a FREE Sharesight account

  2. Download your historical trading data CSV from CIBC Investor’s Edge

  3. Import your historical trades into Sharesight using our broker import wizard

laptop - Sharesight - Add holdings : Canada

Once your trades are imported, Sharesight will automatically calculate the impact of most corporate actions that impact your portfolio (including dividends and share splits).

Tracking ongoing CIBC Investor’s Edge stock trades

Once you’ve imported your historical stock and mutual fund trades from CIBC Investor’s Edge you can also easily import future trades made with CIBC Investor’s Edge into Sharesight by using Sharesight’s broker Trade Confirmation Emails feature.

Sign-up for a free Sharesight account and get the complete picture of your investment portfolio today.


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