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Sharesight Release Notes March 2021

Sharesight release notes - March 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Apr 9th 2021

The most obvious change for users this month will be the shiny new navigation menu on, aside from that here’s what’s new in the app.

Sharesight Release Notes February 2021

Sharesight release notes - February 2021

by David Olsen | Mar 23rd 2021

This month we released our new two factor authentication (2FA) solution. We plan to add an option to trust your device for 30 days in a future release.

Sharesight Release Notes January 2021

Sharesight release notes – January 2021

by Scott Ryburn | Feb 4th 2021

We’ve rolled out some major changes to our infrastructure to ensure that Sharesight continues to be fast and reliable as we continue to scale.

Every Feature 2020

Every feature Sharesight released in 2020

by Stephanie Stefanovic | Jan 11th 2021

Throughout 2020, Sharesight released a plethora of updates and new features to improve functionality for our users. Here's the full list.

Release Notes December 2020

Sharesight release notes – December 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Jan 11th 2021

December saw Sharesight make some behind-the-scenes improvements, plus trade confirmation support for a number of Australian and UK brokers.

Release Notes Nov 2020

Sharesight release notes - November 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Dec 6th 2020

November saw a number of key releases, including the new trade source informaton tooltip and a beta release of Sharesight's Foreign Currency Report.

Sharesight release notes October 2020

Sharesight release notes - October 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Nov 9th 2020

September saw us add support for a number of additional brokers and release a preview of a brand new report to Sharesight beta users.

Release Notes September 2020

Sharesight release notes - September 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Oct 11th 2020

A highlight for September was sourcing and loading finalised AMIT income components for the majority of ASX listed Exchange Traded Funds.

Release Notes August 2020

Sharesight release notes - August 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Sep 9th 2020

The highlight for August was adding support for over 12,000 UK mutual funds with 20+ years of price and distribution history now available.

Release Notes July 2020

Sharesight release notes - July 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Aug 6th 2020

July kept the product team busy as we continue to overhaul our backend architecture for better page load performance and to support growth in signups.

Sharesight release notes June 2020

Sharesight release notes - June 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Jul 3rd 2020

This month the product team continued to enhance and rollout our new trade importer UI which makes it much easier to import trading data into Sharesight.

Sharesight release notes May 2020

Sharesight release notes - May 2020

by Scott Ryburn | Jun 10th 2020

A key release highlight for May was rolling out our new and much improved broker file importer UI to around half of our supported brokers - with more to follow.