Every feature Sharesight released in 2021

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jan 16th 2022

2021 was a year filled with milestones for us here at Sharesight. We are proud to say that we reached over 300,000 global users in 2021, and continued to prioritise the expansion of our global user base by adding support for eight additional stock exchanges and over 50 brokers – meaning Sharesight users can now automatically import trades from over 200 brokers worldwide. With user feedback in mind, we also launched the Multi-Currency Valuation and Multi-Period reports; plus re-launched the Sharesight Community Forum.

Not every new Sharesight feature gets its own blog post, but all updates are covered in our monthly release notes. In case you have missed any of these updates, here is a list of every new feature and upgrade released by Sharesight in 2021.

Sharesight Release Notes 2021

New functionality/enhancements



  • Added a "Group by Currency" option to all reports. This is particularly useful in the new Foreign Currency Valuation Report

  • Redesigned Reports Tab

  • New two factor authentication solution


  • Enhanced the Multi-Currency Valuation Report to remember the currency selection across sessions

  • Added Multi-Currency Valuation Report to consolidated views

  • Switched to using the new Xero API and migrated all existing Xero connections



  • Added an XLSX download to the new Multi-Currency Report

  • Added a Marketech tile to the Broker import page, follow the prompts to connect your Marketech account

  • Added a Pearler tile to the Broker Import page, follow the prompts to connect your Pearler account

  • Updated the labelling of entries in our Account Settings menu to make them more consistent and concise

  • Added a new management page for your custom investments (find it under your Account Settings menu)


  • Greatly expanded our coverage of UK managed funds to include funds that do not publish daily NAV prices

  • Redesigned the account preferences page

  • Sped up the load time of the Overview page charts


  • Improvements to increase coverage of ex-distribution exit prices for managed funds

  • Layout and design improvements to header and footer

  • Added a new field 13R (TFN credits) to Income Tax return section of AU Taxable Income report

  • Various improvements to the new Multi-Period Report



  • Added support for NEO stock exchange (Canada) with 20 year price and dividend history

Broker support



  • Added support for Selfwealth contract notes with US trades (Australia)


  • Added support for Euroz Hartleys contract notes



  • Added support for Futu Securities (Hong Kong)

  • Added support for ShareOwner (Canada)

  • Added support for UBS Securities (Hong Kong)

  • Added support for Phillip Capital (Australia)

  • Added support for Cazenove (UK)

  • Added support for 180 Markets allocation confirmations (Australia)


  • Added support for One Off Trades (Australia)

  • Added support for Westar Capital (Australia)

  • Added support for Fineco Bank (UK)

  • Improved support for Sharesies trade csv files (New Zealand)

  • Added support for GBA Capital (Australia)

  • Added support for Monex Securities (Australia)

  • Added support for BT portfolio services (Australia)


  • Added support for Bennelong (Australia)

  • Added support for Close Brother (UK, funds only)

  • Added support for J. Safra Sarasin (Switzerland)

  • Added support for UBS Switzerland (Switzerland)

  • Improved support for Morgan Stanley to handle AU managed funds and a new contract note format (Australia)


  • Added support for Everblu Capital (Australia)

  • Added support for Peloton Capital (Australia)

  • Improved support for Hargreaves Lansdown to handle US Trades (UK)

  • Added support for Mac Equity Partners (Australia)

  • Added support for Merchant Group (Australia)

  • Added support for Cove Capital (Australia)

  • Added support for GBA Capital (Australia)

  • Added support for Finclear (Australia)


  • Added support for Barclays Securities (India)

  • Added support for BTIG (Australia)

  • Added support for Burrell Stockbroking & Superannuation (Australia)

  • Added support for Cannacord Genuity (United Kingdom)

  • Added support for Cazenove Capital (United Kingdom)

  • Added support for Davy (Ireland)

  • Added support for FNB Stockbroking and Portfolio Management (South Africa)

  • Added support for GoTrade (Indonesia)

  • Added support for Instinet (Australia)

  • Added support for Kenanga (Malaysia)

  • Added support for Peel Hunt (United Kingdom)

  • Added support for Vested Finance (India)

  • Added support for Wealthsimple (Canada)


  • Added support for Smith & Williamson (UK)

  • Added support for Credo Wealth (UK)

Sharesight API


  • API V3 Trades endpoints now return the cost base for opening balance transactions

  • Added the ability to optionally specify the market country instead of the market code when creating trades via API V2 and V3


  • Published a suite of new endpoints to create and manage custom investments [API v3]


  • V3 - Added an User ID attribute to the Portfolio List and Show endpoints to identify the Portfolio Owner, this allows API users to correctly identify shared portfolios

Sharesight API Partners



  • Pearler integrates with the Sharesight API


  • PocketSmith integrates with the Sharesight API

  • Stropro integrates with the Sharesight API


Here’s to a fantastic 2022

We would like to thank all of our loyal users, professional clients and Sharesight partners for joining us on our journey, as we continue to grow our international user base and develop new features to further improve the Sharesight user experience. Here’s to a fantastic 2022!

If you haven’t started using Sharesight yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a FREE account to start tracking your investment performance (and tax) today.


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