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featured - 2016

2016: year in review

by Angela Thompson | Jan 31st 2017

2016 was a busy year for Sharesight! Here’s a recap of the top features, most popular articles, and new strategic partners we joined forces with last year.

Featured - Contribution Analysis Report

Announcing the Contribution Analysis Report

by Doug Morris | Jan 10th 2017

The Contribution Analysis Report explains the drivers behind your portfolio’s performance by clearly identifying significant outperformers and underperformers.

featured - laptop + pencils

Beat the tax time rush — or at least prepare for it

by Josh Rodrigues | Nov 25th 2016

Strengthen client relationships and get a head-start on preparing your clients’ tax returns, before they even make an appointment to see you.

Laptop & Calculator - featured

How much money can Sharesight save you?

by Doug Morris | Oct 26th 2016

Find out how Sharesight can save you over 59% on admin-related investing costs, compared to attempting to track everything in a spreadsheet.

Simply Wall St. + Sharesight - featured

Visualise your portfolio with Sharesight and Simply Wall St

by Doug Morris | Sep 27th 2016

Simply Wall St customers can import their Sharesight portfolios in just a few clicks, allowing them to easily visualise their share holdings.

Missing Dividends - featured

Where to find the "missing dividends" on your performance report

by Emma van der Maas | Aug 30th 2016

Learn the difference between our tax and performance reports and where to find any "missing dividends" not appearing on your Performance Report.

Madrid, Milan, Bombay, India markets - featured

Track Madrid, Milan, Bombay & India stock markets

by Angela Thompson | Aug 25th 2016

We've added support for BIT, BME, BSE, and NSE, so you can now track Madrid, Milan, Bombay & India stock markets within your Sharesight portfolio(s).

DRP residual balances - featured

How to track DRP residual balances

by Angela Thompson | Aug 24th 2016

Our dividend reinvestment plan feature lets you automatically track the DRP residual balances that can occur with some DRPs.

Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report - featured

Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report

by Doug Morris | Aug 9th 2016

Our Canadian Capital Gains Tax Report calculates capital gains (and losses) made on investments according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules.

Add New Holdings Search Tool - featured

Enhanced investment search tool

by Angela Thompson | Jul 28th 2016

Our new and improved investment search tool allows you to search on any listed company or ticker code without first specifying its market or country.

How to get help - featured

How to get help within your Sharesight portfolio

by Emma van der Maas | Jul 27th 2016

You might already be aware of our knowledge base and tutorial videos, but did you know you can get help within your Sharesight portfolio?

Interpreting portfolio performance - featured

3 reasons why your return figures may seem incorrect

by Emma van der Maas | Jul 19th 2016

Learn the 3 factors that affect portfolio performance return figures – including date range, open+closed positions, and annualised returns.