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Global - featured
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Sharesight goes global

by Doug Morris | Jun 29th 2015

Sharesight International allows investors to select their home currency, choose from approximately 200 global share markets and to pay in USD.

Date Range Selector (featured)
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Introducing better date range selectors

by Doug Morris | May 19th 2015

Small details can make all the difference. We think you'll agree when you see our new and improved date range selectors.

multiple contract notes - featured
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Introducing multiple contract note processing

by Doug Morris | May 13th 2015

Sharesight now supports bulk processing of multiple contract note/trade confirmation emails, making stock tracking and portfolio admin that much easier!

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)
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Introducing enhanced staff sharing permissions for Pro partners

by Doug Morris | May 8th 2015

The Staff Sharing Permissions feature now allows Sharesight Pro clients the ability to control whether staff have access to: all, some, or no portfolios.

Sharesight + Xero - Featured
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Manage your SMSF with Sharesight + Xero

by Doug Morris | Apr 22nd 2015

Learn how to leverage our award-winning integration to manage your self managed super fund (SMSF) using Sharesight & Xero

Benchmarking - featured
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Benchmarking now live on Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Jan 27th 2015

Our new benchmarking feature lets you track your Sharesight portfolio(s) against popular market indexes or specific securities.

2014 counter - featured
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2014: year in review

by Angela Thompson | Dec 19th 2014

We thought we'd take the time to highlight Sharesight's significant accomplishments in 2014 - and what a year it's been!

paperclips - featured
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How do I attach a file in Sharesight?

by Angela Thompson | Nov 21st 2014

Learn how to attach a file in Sharesight, and store files at the holding or trade level within your Sharesight portfolios.

Google Login - featured
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Login to Sharesight with Google

by Doug Morris | Nov 19th 2014

You can now login (or sign up) to Sharesight using your Google account details. It's a convenient and secure method of accessing your portfolio data.

Heart Calculator - featured
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Why do accountants love Sharesight?

by Doug Morris | Oct 24th 2014

Rather than looking back at stale information, accountants using Sharesight Pro engage clients in proactive, data-driven discussions.

ASX - featured
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Announcing mFund from ASX: Now available on Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Oct 2nd 2014

You can now track mFund from ASX holdings within your Sharesight portfolios, and run performance and tax reports just like any tradable security.

Custom Groupings - featured
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Custom groupings, display options, more chart improvements

by Doug Morris | Sep 30th 2014

Here's a roundup of recent features and enhancements, including custom groupings, display options, and improved charting.