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FRA JSE SGX - featured

More global markets available: Singapore, Frankfurt, Johannesburg

by Doug Morris | Aug 24th 2015

We've expanded our global markets coverage to include Singapore Exchange (SGX), Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA) and Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Sharesight Canada - featured

Announcing Sharesight Canada

by Doug Morris | Jul 8th 2015

Canadian DIY and professional investors can now sign up to Sharesight Canada to track their local and overseas investments in Canadian dollars.

Merge custom holdings - featured

Merge custom holdings to listed securities

by Doug Morris | Jul 7th 2015

Learn how to merge manually created/maintained custom holdings into listed securities in Sharesight's investment tracking & reporting system.

FIF Report - Featured

How to calculate your 2015 FIF income

by Angela Thompson | Jul 2nd 2015

Calculate your 2015 IRD FIF income with our comprehensive FIF report which automatically calculates your peak holding balance & FIF income.

Global - featured

Sharesight goes global

by Doug Morris | Jun 29th 2015

Sharesight International allows investors to select their home currency, choose from approximately 200 global share markets and to pay in USD.

Date Range Selector (featured)

Introducing better date range selectors

by Doug Morris | May 19th 2015

Small details can make all the difference. We think you'll agree when you see our new and improved date range selectors.

multiple contract notes - featured

Introducing multiple contract note processing

by Doug Morris | May 13th 2015

Sharesight now supports bulk processing of multiple contract note/trade confirmation emails, making stock tracking and portfolio admin that much easier!

Sharesight Hero - featured (1200x630)

Introducing enhanced staff sharing permissions for Sharesight's professional plan partners

by Doug Morris | May 8th 2015

The Staff Sharing Permissions feature now allows Sharesight clients the ability to control whether staff have access to: all, some, or no portfolios.

Sharesight + Xero - Featured

Manage your SMSF with Sharesight + Xero

by Doug Morris | Apr 22nd 2015

Learn how to leverage our award-winning integration to manage your self managed super fund (SMSF) using Sharesight & Xero

Benchmarking - featured

Benchmarking now live on Sharesight

by Doug Morris | Jan 27th 2015

Our new benchmarking feature lets you track your Sharesight portfolio(s) against popular market indexes or specific securities.

2014 counter - featured

2014: year in review

by Angela Thompson | Dec 19th 2014

We thought we'd take the time to highlight Sharesight's significant accomplishments in 2014 - and what a year it's been!

paperclips - featured

How do I attach a file in Sharesight?

by Angela Thompson | Nov 21st 2014

Learn how to attach a file in Sharesight, and store files at the holding or trade level within your Sharesight portfolios.