Sharesight launches intraday pricing for US and UK stocks

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jul 1st 2021

As part of our commitment to empowering global investors, we are pleased to announce the launch of 15 minute delayed pricing for US markets such as the Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), as well as the London Stock Exchange (LSE). With almost 30% of Sharesight users investing in these markets, Sharesight is making sure investors have access to the latest stock price and performance data they need to become better investors. To find out more about our expanded support for intraday pricing, keep reading.

Sharesight launches intraday pricing for US and UK stocks

Stock exchanges with intraday price data in Sharesight

Sharesight has launched 15 minute delayed pricing for the following North American and UK markets:

This is in addition to Sharesight’s existing 20 minute delayed pricing for the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX), making it easy for anyone who invests across multiple markets to ensure they always have the most up-to-date price data for all the stocks in their portfolio.

Track all your investments in one place

With support for over 40 leading global markets and the ability to track the price and performance of investments across different asset classes, currencies and brokers, Sharesight is the ultimate portfolio tracker for anyone who owns investments across multiple markets or asset classes.

Unlike the data provided by most brokers, Sharesight takes into account the impact of capital gains, dividends, brokerage fees and currency fluctuations when calculating returns – giving investors the full picture of their portfolio’s performance. Sharesight also offers a range of powerful reports for self-directed investors including Performance, Portfolio Diversity, Contribution Analysis, and Multi-Currency Valuation. The ability to track cash accounts, property and even cryptocurrency is just another reason that investors should consider using Sharesight to track their investment portfolio.

Multi-Currency Valuation

With Sharesight’s Multi-Currency Valuation Report, investors can clearly see the value of their investments denominated in the currency of their choice. This is useful for global investors and expats who "think" in another currency outside of the currency of their tax residency. The screenshot below for example, shows the Multi-Currency Valuation Report being used to convert investments from AUD to GBP in a global investment portfolio with an Australian tax residency.

intraday pricing Multi Currency Valuation Report edit2 The Multi-Currency Valuation Report, sorted by market, for a portfolio with AMEX, ASX, LSE, NASDAQ and NYSE investments.

How to track your US and UK stocks with Sharesight

With Sharesight, it’s easy to import your trades in stocks, ETFs and funds to your portfolio.

  1. If you’re not using Sharesight yet, sign up for a FREE account to get started.

  2. To add holdings to your portfolio from US or UK markets, simply search for the relevant stocks under the market code NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX, BATS or LSE. Alternatively, you can add holdings through Sharesight’s File Importer feature.

  3. Sharesight will automatically fill in the price history and performance valuation for your holdings throughout the day on a 15 minute-delayed basis. It will also backfill past dividends (and continue to add new ones as they are announced) – plus factor in the impact of any foreign currency fluctuations on your performance.

Intraday pricing Import trades Tesla

Track your investments in US and UK stocks with Sharesight

Thousands of global investors like you are already using Sharesight to manage their investment portfolios. What are you waiting for? Sign up and:

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