Every feature Sharesight released in 2020

by Stephanie Stefanovic, Content Manager, Sharesight | Jan 11th 2021

2020 was an eventful year for Sharesight. Not only did we surpass 150,000 global users and expand the Sharesight teams in Sydney and Wellington, but we also released a plethora of updates and new features, including the addition of over 12,000 UK managed/mutual funds, improvements to Sharesight’s API V3 (in beta), and additional support for numerous global markets and brokers. All of these updates were made with user feedback in mind, as well as our goal to improve functionality for Sharesight’s growing international user base.

Not every new Sharesight feature gets its own blog post, but all updates are covered in our monthly release notes. In case you have missed any of these updates, here is a list of every new feature and upgrade released by Sharesight in 2020.

Every Feature 2020


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Increased file size upload restriction from 1 MB to 10 MB

Sharesight Usability

  • Improved messaging on reports when no data available within a date range

  • Revised design for signing up to Sharesight with Google account

  • Update the settings tab buttons to be more consistent

Broker Transaction Import

  • Migrated all broker imports to use the redesigned bulk trades import UI

Sharesight API

  • Add trading cash account parameter to V2 and V3 portfolio endpoints

  • Added Exchange rates endpoint to API v3 (Beta)

  • Added Xero sync status to API v3 Create Trade, Update Trade, Show Trade, List Trade endpoints (Beta)


New Functionality / Enhancements

Sharesight Usability

  • Improved tooltips on the Portfolio Overview table

  • Added a warning message when deleting a custom group

  • Added a ‘delisted’ badge to the Add Holding form indicating if an instrument was deleted based on the trade date entered

Broker Transaction Import

  • Improved the setup process for Interactive Brokers (US) integrations to test/validate FTP credentials during setup

  • Improved the transaction logs for Interactive Brokers integration

Sharesight API

  • Updated the Trades API v3 endpoint with FX functionality.

  • Added an access level attribute to V3 list and show portfolios endpoint

  • Removed beta status from several API v3 endpoints as they are now considered stable


Broker Transaction Import

Improved Trade Confirmation Email handling for the following brokers:

  • Stake (Australia)

  • Jarden (New Zealand)

  • Morgans (Australia)

  • Commsec (Australia)

  • CMC (Australia)

Sharesight API

Behind the Scenes

  • Performed a major upgrade to our production database, approximately doubling our capacity at a hardware level along with adding improved redundancy


Tax Reporting

Sharesight Usability

  • Improved confirmation messaging when deleting a cash account transaction that’s linked to a trade

  • Added a broker search function and improved visibility of our trade confirmation email feature on the Broker Import screen

image 1 every

Sharesight users can easily find their broker with the new broker search function and broker import tiles.

Broker Transaction Import

  • Added a direct API integration with Hatch (New Zealand)

Sharesight API

  • Added support for the Capital Call transaction type to our V2 and V3 Trades endpoints

  • Added V3 API endpoints to List, View, Create, Update and Delete Custom Investments

Market Data


Tax Reporting

  • Improved income year date matching for all Australian unit trust distributions

Sharesight Usability

  • Added broker import tiles for Interactive Brokers (US), Selfwealth (Australia) and Robinhood (US) to better expose our support for these popular brokers

  • Added Suggested Prices, Exchange Rates, and Currency Codes into the new broker file import UI

  • Enhanced caching logic to further improve the time that it takes to generate performance reports

Broker Transaction Import

  • Added support for BT Panorama (Australia)

Sharesight API

  • API V3 - added option to enable quantity validation when creating trades


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Improved support for custom fixed interest holdings to offer greater flexibility to edit interest rate/payment information after creation

Sharesight Usability

  • Redesigned ‘My Details’ page

  • Redesigned the ‘Add Holding’ form

image 2 every

Manually adding trades is a more straightforward process with the redesigned ‘Add Holding’ form.

Broker Transaction Import

  • Enhanced Saxo (Australia) integration to include support for Block Trading accounts

  • Our generic CSV file import now uses our new and much improved UI (previously available only for specific Broker Imports)

  • Enhanced our ASB Securities (New Zealand) importer to support accounts with 2FA enabled

  • Added support for Charles Schwab (US) One US trades transaction file

Sharesight API

  • Added additional caching to improve API response time for our new charts endpoints


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Added pricing support for London Stock Exchange (LSE) listings that trade off book on the AIM market

Broker Transaction Import

Sharesight API

  • Enhanced single sign-on endpoint to work with unactivated accounts

  • API V3: Enhanced and expanded support for attachments in the API

  • API V3: Added support for custom fixed interest investments


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Added support for UK Mutual Funds

  • Added new UI to manage and bulk sync trades to Xero (find under Xero settings on the Integrations tab)

  • Added franking credit field for Australian custom fixed interest investments (some hybrid type instruments pay franked dividends based on coupon rate)

Broker Import Functionality

  • Added support for E*TRADE US trade confirmations (US)

  • Added support for Investec trade confirmations (South Africa)

  • Trade confirmations are no longer rejected if they would result in a negative position, so can now be sent through in any order


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Added support for the following new markets (with 20 year price and dividend history):

  • Nasdaq Nordic Stockholm (STO)

  • Nasdaq Nordic Copenhagen (CSE)

  • Nasdaq Nordic Iceland (ICE)

  • Nasdaq Nordic Helsinki (HEL)

  • Oslo Stock Exchange (OSL)

  • Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange (KLS)

  • Added currency support for Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNH)

  • Added new ‘Investment Type’ categorisation for Stapled Securities and added tooltip assistance around correctly recording dividends (Australian customers)

  • Added new ‘In this month’ date range option on the Overview Page

image 3 every

A stapled security holding with a tooltip explaining how to record dividends.


  • Rebuilt Xero settings page with improved layout for mobile devices

  • Rebuilt Sharesight API settings page with improved layout for mobile devices

  • Rebuilt trades table on the holding page. Trades now show trade source information and ‘created at’ timestamp.

Broker Import Functionality

  • Added support for Apex Clearing Corporation Trade Confirmations (US)

  • Added support for Superhero trade confirmations (Australia)

  • New CSV importer will now save comments against the trade if provided in the csv file.

  • New CSV importer now supports a user defined ‘unique ID’ per trade and will update existing trades if already imported with a matching unique ID.

Sharesight API

  • Added additional DRP attributes to API v3 trades endpoints


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Preview release of our new Foreign Currency Valuation report to Expert plan users with beta features enabled.


  • Improved visibility of the Annual Tax Components Form form on the Taxable Income Report (Australian portfolios)

  • Improved frontend error messaging and included options to try again or contact support

  • Improved performance of the CSV importer to handle large files and various improvements to validation and error messaging

Broker Import Functionality

Added support for the following brokers’ CSV files:

Added support for the following brokers’ trade confirmations:

  • TD Ameritrade (US)

  • Magellan (Australia)

  • Apex clearing / M1 Finance / Ally Invest (US)

  • Firstrade (US)

  • Trading212 (UK)

  • Merrill (US)

  • CCZ Statton Equities (Australia)

Sharesight API

  • [V3 API] Added Sector classification, Industry classification and instrument description to the instrument object


New Functionality / Enhancements

  • Further enhancements to our new Foreign Currency Valuation report to Expert plan users with beta features enabled.

  • A trade source icon and associated tooltip is now available against all trades in Sharesight to indicate the origin of the trade (eg Sharesight API, trade confirmation, manual entry etc)

image 4 every

A new tooltip with trade source information is available on the Holdings page. This example shows a trade resulting from a stock split.

Broker Import Functionality

Added support for the following brokers’ trade confirmations:

  • Superhero (Australia)

  • TD Ameritrade (US)

  • Firstrade (US)

  • Stellan Capital (Australia)

  • Merrill (US)

Sharesight API

  • V3 API - Added owner name attribute to the GET portfolios endpoint


Broker import functionality

Added support for the following brokers’ trade confirmations:

  • NorthOnline (Australia)

  • Argonaut (Australia)

  • Chancellor (Australia)

  • Boag (Australia)

Enhanced trade confirmation processing to handle UK funds:

Here’s to a fantastic 2021

We would like to thank all of our loyal users, Sharesight professional clients and Sharesight Partners for joining us on our journey, as we continue to grow our international user base and develop new features to further improve the Sharesight user experience. Here’s to a fantastic 2021!

If you haven’t started using Sharesight yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a FREE account to start tracking your investment performance (and tax) today.


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